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     The benefits are undeniable.  Studies have shown that kids who play sports are less likely to drop out of school or join gangs.  They are also more likely to go to college and become leaders as adults.  In an era when childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, participation in athletes can help reduce body mass and improve overall health.  

     Despite these facts, overall participation in youth sports is down.  Although it is on the rise among wealthy families, it has trended sharply downward among the poorest families.  The high cost of equipment and fees are preventing many kids from participating.  Only 1 in 3 kids from low-income families participate in athletics.

     Everyone Plays was formed by a group of coaches and athletes who believe that every kid should have the opportunity to play sports regardless of their economic situation.  Our mission is to provide athletic gear and support for children in need around the World.  We believe that every child deserves to play.

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