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Wrestling Relief for Cuba 

We are asking for gently used or new wrestling shoes for the young athletes in Cuba.


Update:  (1/20/20)

Our trip to Cuba in October of 2019 was a disaster.  We arrived in Havana with 120 pairs of wrestling shoes, but customs would only allow us to bring 20 pairs into the country.  They wanted to confiscate 100 pairs.  When we refused, they took our passports and held us in the airport for 13 hours.  The next day, we left the country without delivering a single pair.  

We are happy to report that we are now working with a company called CubaMax to make the deliveries for us 5-10 pairs at a time.  It's a slow, expensive process, but there are some very happy wrestlers.  Special thanks to everyone who has supported this project.  Special thank to Rudis!!! We couldn't have done it without you!

Click here to see some of the children we helped...

Wrestling Shoes for Greece 

Our Cuba project for wrestling shoes for young athletes was such a success, we ended up with a surplus.  We are now in the process of fitting the young wrestlers in Athens, Greece.


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